Ghostbusters Teach Management


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I'm going to be up front with you. I'm a huge fan of Ghostbusters. I fell in love with its humor and creature design. It introduced me to the genius of Bill Murray. Today, it has introduced one more thing to my life - management skills.

The geniuses at Mindflash have created an infographic called: "The Ghostbusters Guide To Management." It contains wisdom for managers everywhere by taking quotes and events from both Ghostbusters films and applying them to the workplace.

It contains great advice like, "Don't be afraid to cross the streams" and "Negative attitudes create a river of slime."

It seems silly at first, but it really does contain great advice that management should take to heart. This does pose a great question though. Should managers be forced to watch Ghostbusters as part of their training now?

by Mindflash via