Ghost in Police Station Video Goes Viral

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“Then, I saw the legs … and it was a human ... not a real human ... a ghost.”

In Espanola, New Mexico, uniformed officers aren't the only thing that can be seen sauntering through the local police station.

Last week a news camera caught something interesting on film and now that video has gone viral.

“We’ve received phone calls from the Associated Press, CNN, The New York times ... and I found out this morning it was on 'Good Morning America,'" Detective Solomon Romero said. “It is [kind of crazy], but it's also interesting, especially for the individuals that believe in the supernatural.”

In the video, a ghost-like figure can be seen moving through the police station.

Good Morning America reported, "Police in Espanola, New Mexico, are trying to figure out what human-shaped, blurry, translucent figured was captured on camera strolling across a locked area of their station Saturday night. The video shows the figure walking through a chain link fence and slowly walking out again."

Romera says that he's a believer considering this isn't the first time something strange has happened at the station.

“A lot of our officers have seen certain things," Romera said. "Some of our officers have felt what appears to be someone breathing down their neck as they’re working on reports in the briefing room.”

But some are disputing the recent claims saying that it's most likely an insect on the camera. During the day a bug doesn't seem mysterious, but at night it's understandable how it could be perceived as spooky.

In 2007, 25 miles away from Espanola in Santa Fe, an identical "ghost" was captured on a police surveillance camera. But after further examination, it was revealed to be ... a bug on the lens.

However, an officer on duty the night of the sighting disagrees.

“At first I thought it was a fly, a moth and then I saw the legs and it was a human," he said.

As of today, the Espanola police department have yet to hear from any interested ghost hunters or ghost busters.

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