Get Your Very Own Fursuit In Saints Row IV


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Saints Row is no stranger to the bizarre. The third game in the series still stands tall as the strangest open world game ever made. The fourth game looks to be even stranger with a plot involving aliens, virtual reality and the player becoming president of the U.S.

Adding to the strangeness and hilarity is today's announcement of a new pre-order bonus in the form of a cat fursuit. It's a little cute, but also a little unsettling. In other words, it's perfect for the world of Saints Row.

In other Saints Row IV news, Volition announced during Comic-Con that the canceled Saints Row: The Third DLC Enter the Dominatrix will be added as DLC to Saints Row IV. You can expect to see it 45 days after launch.

Interestingly enough, the DLC will be a little different from what they originally imagined it as. Game Informer reports that the DLC will feature a "behind-the-scenes style narration as the characters explain why the content was cut from the game." In other words, the DLC scenario will be self aware with plenty of fourth wall breaking jokes.

Going back to the fursuit, it seems like it's only one of four pre-order bonuses for the game. The first is the presidential pack which includes an eagle jet and Uncle Sam hat. The other two bonuses will be revealed on July 24 and 26.

Saints Row IV will be released on August 20 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.