Geri Halliwell, the Former Spice Girl, Says She Is 'Absolutely Thrilled' About Wedding Plans

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Geri Halliwell, former Ginger Spice for the Spice Girls, announced her engagement to her fiancé, Red Bull Formula One boss Christian Horner, last week and says she is 'absolutely thrilled' to be planning for her wedding.

Halliwell and Horner spoke publicly to The Telegraph about their engagement for the first time at Sentebale Polo Cup in Abu Dhabi, which was also attended by another ginger, Prince Harry, for his charity work for African children.

The singer admitted that she was “absolutely thrilled” to be making wedding plans. As for Horner, he said he was “delighted."

The couple began dating last March and have yet to announce a wedding date.

Halliwell told reporters she has watched Prince Harry grow up and says his work is "brilliant."

“I have met Prince Harry a few times. I've seen him since he was about ten. I have seen him grow up. It is brilliant what he is doing with his life," she said. "It's all for a good cause.

“I think he is a great ambassador for showing people that we care and he's got great spirit and heart. I think he's brilliant. We are looking forward to seeing him in action.”

The singer didn't seem to know a whole lot about polo. However, she did say she had been on a polo pony before, describing them as “amazing…I want to say like a Ferrari…”

“No don't say Ferrari, it's Red Bull!” corrected her new fiancé, referring to his Red Bull F1 team, for which he has been captain for the past nine years.

Pam Wright