Geraldo Rivera Tweets Semi-Nude Selfie. Seriously.


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It seems like every other day a nude photo of some celebrity or another is leaked onto the internet. Sometimes those photos are "accidentally" tweeted. Only those celebrities with the utmost confidence in their bodies actually tweet the photos themselves.

Enter 70-year-old Geraldo Rivera.

The elderly news reporter, who is perhaps most well-known for his 90s talk show and current work on Fox News, tweeted a photo of himself shirtless and nearly bottomless, assumedly to show how he is in great shape for a man of his age. The text of the tweet read "70 is the new 50."

The tweet has since been deleted by Rivera, but that did not stop the rest of Twitter from pouncing on the absurdity of the situation, as well as the unbecoming nature of the photo.

It is hard to say why Rivera would commit a mistake relegated mostly to teenage girls and the occasional young celebrity. Perhaps he just wanted the world to see what the body of a man who has been married five times looks like to be an example for those with such aspirations.

Rivera also announced last month that he would not be running for senate from his home state of New Jersey. Considering that many view Jersey governor Chris Christie's lap-band surgery as a sign that he will be seeking a presidential nomination, having a physique like Rivera's may have won a few votes.