George W. Bush Has Partial Knee Replacement Done

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George W. Bush underwent a partial knee replacement on Saturday. Apparently, the partial knee replacement is a newer option, but one that the Baby Boomer generation is really ready to embrace.

"It's remarkable what they can do now," George W. Bush's spokesman Freddy Ford said. "He walked up and down a flight of stairs just a couple hours after the surgery."

The procedure was done in Chicago, but George W. Bush and his wife Laura left there on Monday morning and headed back to Dallas to recover. Ford said that the former president is looking forward to getting back on his mountain bike.

Dr. Sergio Viroslav, a knee specialist at the San Antonio Orthopedic Group, said of George W. Bush's surgery that the time is right for this procedure to become standard since Baby Boomers are not satisfied with retiring and just sitting around getting old. Today's seniors are simply more active, but thankfully the days of a bum knee ruining their fun are long gone.

"Nowadays these can be done as outpatient operations with less of a chance of complications, people really are flocking and deciding 'this is for me'," he said. "People are looking for things that keep them active and involved with golf, tennis, hiking. Because patients today are demanding this, saying 'hey doc, I want to be better, I want to resume what I was doing, I don't want to sit around on the couch."

Dr. Viroslav added that being active like George W. Bush in the latter years has other healthy benefits like staving off diabetes and other issues, so seniors need to stay as active as possible.

Hopefully George W. Bush will recover quickly so he can get back to his biking, marathoning, running with soldiers, and generally putting the younger generations to shame.

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