George Harrison: Sister Got No Part of Fortune

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George Harrison's sister Louise harbors no grudge about the meager living she subsists on--nor does she feel slighted that she didn't receive any of the late Beatle's fortune. It seems George alotted Louise a pension in the amount of $2000 per month. This is a pittance compared to the $300 million fortune he amassed. When he died in 2001, however, the pension ended.

What seems even sadder is that Louise has been cut off from her late brother's family. His widow, Olivia Harris, and son, Dhani, received a 120-room Victorian mansion in Henley-On-Thames, located just outside of London. There is no communication between the parties.

Louise lives frugally, and at age 82 still works to support herself. She manages a Beatles tribute band called Liverpool Legends. They are known for their performances in Branson, Missouri.

"I don't care about the money, it's been over ten years and I haven't made any ripples," she said during a recent interview.

Her pension ended one year to the day after her brother's death. She has no idea why, nor has she asked.

'It was my pension from him - it was his intention to make it last my lifetime. He said, "Given my financial situation, there is no reason on Earth why my sister should ever be in need," she said.

Not much has been said about the relationship George Harrison had with his sister Louise, nor has much been published about Louise's interactions with the rest of Harrison's family. It will be interesting to learn if either Olivia or Dhani Harrison issue a statement to the media about this sudden interest in Louise and her lack of funds.

Regardless of the financial situation, Louise clearly loved her brother. These days she likely loves how she is able to profit from his famous name. As long as it keeps the 82-year-old clothed, housed and fed, it doesn't seem like anyone really cares. And that may be the saddest part of this whole scenario.

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