George Clooney Sends Canadian Women Into Frenzy

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Women (and some men) in Vancouver, Canada, went crazy over the past weekend hunting the rare silver fox. His name was George Clooney, and he was in town filming a movie with Hugh Laurie reportedly called Tomorrowland. The famously down-to-earth star was happy to oblige with photos and autographs, to the delight of his fans.

Clooney visited Yaletown sushi bar, Minami, and sat right next to fellow patrons as the bar was too busy to give the star, under the psuedonym Mr. Sanchez, a private room. Or they wanted their restaurant fully stocked with eager females until filming wraps, maybe? CTV British Columbia reports that Patrick Rider, the manager of the restaurant, said the reservation came from a swanky downtown hotel.

"They asked for a VIP table for a Mr. Sanchez so we made the reservation," Rider said.

He said the restaurant was very busy that night, and when Clooney arrived, there were not available tables. So they offered Clooney a spot at the sushi bar, where he dined for approximately an hour.

"He had some sashimi and a vodka martini," Rider said. "(He) was very, very pleased with everything."

"There was some buzz that was created, more amongst the female staff," Rider said. "And obviously, some guests recognized him as well and he was very gracious allowing his picture to be taken."

On Friday, Clooney dined at another local casual restaurant, Joey Burrard, where he was surrounded by eager fans taking his picture. Sounds like a fun way to enjoy a meal...

"I feel like George Clooney is very down to Earth and very 'not Hollywood,'" Megan Edwards, an entertainment reporter for The Beat 94.5, told CTV British Columbia. "I think the women of Vancouver want to be the next girlfriend of George Clooney."

Many young ladies took to Twitter to boast about their Clooney experience.

"Tomorrowland is expected to be filming in British Columbia through January, and the movie is slated to open December 2014.

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