Gary Kubiak Collapses During Colts Game


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Gary Kubiak, the head coach of the Houston Texans, collapsed during their game last night. He hunched over and fell to the ground on the field just as his team was starting to head to the locker room during halftime.

The Texans had the lead going into halftime, as they were playing the Indianapolis Colts, a big favorite to beat the struggling Texans. However, it was hard to maintain the good spirits going into the locker room after hearing about what happened to their coach.

To the surprise of many fans and people watching everywhere, the Texans took a commanding lead early in the game under their new quarterback Case Keenum. It can always be hard on the quarterback of a team especially when something like this happens, and after the game Keenum mentioned that "When we went back out they told us he was ... stable. We were all upset about that but trying to stay focused at the same time."

The defensive coordinator Wade Phillips took over as the coach in the second half after Gary Kubiak was taken to the hospital. The Texans were up 21-3 when their coach went down, but the game completely turned around at halftime, and the game ended with a final score of 27-24, in favor of the Colts.

It was reported that Gary Kubiak was in a stable condition late Sunday night after being taken to the hospital, and was awake and coherent. They have not been able to determine what exactly happened to him, but it does not seem to be that serious. The team reports that Kubiak, the 52-year-old coach, was conscious and with his family as he was taken to the hospital.

The medical personnel that rushed to his aid when he collapsed said that he was light-headed and dizzy, and they were able to rule out heart attack as the cause.

After Gary Kubiak left the game, the Texans struggled to put points on the board, and lost their sixth game in a row. While they came into the season hoping to win a Super Bowl, now they will have trouble achieving a winning record.

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