Garth Brooks Ireland Concerts Sell Out Quickly


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Fact: people in Ireland like country music. Another fact: they really, really like Garth Brooks.

Tickets for three Garth Brooks comeback concerts set to play in the Emerald Isle at Croke Park sold out in about an hour and a half. That’s 240,000 tickets gone in 90 minutes. That’s also about one ticket for every 25 people in Ireland, including in the North.

More than 10,000 of the superstar’s fans waited in line to snag the passes. Some even claimed their spot in line days before the tickets were for sale.

This tour marks the first time Brooks will play in Ireland since 1997. His return also set records for the concert promotion company, Aiken Promotions.

“In 52 years of business, this is the fastest-selling concert Aiken promotions has ever been involved with,” said Peter Aiken.

This is also the first time an artist has sold out three dates at Croke Park in one day.
Even Garth Brooks himself was pleased with the ticket frenzy.

“We’re thrilled,” said Brooks’ manager, Bob Doyle, in an interview.

After tickets for the first two shows – set for Friday and Saturday, July 25 and 26 – were sold out, a third date, for that Sunday, was added. After that show sold out so quickly, fans pleaded on Twitter for a fourth date to be scheduled.

Fans also went to the social media site to show their excitement, and bewilderment, about the impeding Brooks concert, and at just how quick the dates sold out:

Some ticket purchasers are already attempting to sell their treasures on other sites, such as eBay. However, not every site is down with selling tickets at escalated prices. Irish classifieds website stated it would take down ads selling the tickets for more than what they were purchased.

Didn’t know Brooks had such a following in Ireland? You’re not alone.

Image via YouTube