Gangnam Style Takes a North Korean Turn with Kim Jong Style

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Last week, I told you that Gangnam Style mashed up with the ubiquitous "Hitler reacts" videomeme was the logical conclusion of the K-pop viral hit. Now, just a few days later, I've realized that this declaration was a huge mistake. This. This, my friends, is where the Gangnam Style fad had to wind up.

Walkin' Kim Jong style.

Yes, PSY's YouTube sensation has moved to the friendly confines of North Korea. BarelyPolitical has produced the true logical conclusion of the Gangnam Style craze with this tribute to the Supreme Leader.

Check it out below:

This video serves as additional proof that anything associated with Gangnam Style is destined to become YouTube gold. In just a few day, Kim Jong Style has already amassed over 738,000 views. Last week, Gunniess certified a new world record for Gangnam Style - YouTube's most-liked video of all time.

[h/t Mashable]
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