Gamers Embark on Sonic the Hedghog Marathon For Charity


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For those of you who think playing video games is mindless fun and has the potential to offer tons of time-wasting opportunities, well, you're right; but, there's also a lot of good that can come from it, especially if it's being done for charitable purposes.

The guys over at are currently embroiled in a 72-hour video game marathon, and their game of choice for this excursion? Sonic the Hedgehog. The proceeds from the Sonic marathon will go to the Child's Play charity, which, according to their description, is:

...a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 70 hospitals worldwide.

The Gaming Chronicles marathon began at 12:01am, Friday morning (1/6) and runs until Sunday (1/8), and for your viewing pleasure, the gang has set up a UStream channel so you can watch them endure their arduos battles with Dr Robotnik.

It should be noted the content of the stream is just a couple of guys sitting around with video controllers in their hands. In the lower portion of the video player, there's in-screen footage of the Sonic game in progress. The page also features a ChipIn! widget so you can donate right then and there. Those who make donations can make requests of the guys playing, which they will perform live on camera. An explanation from the site:

Your donations will affect the marathon in the following ways:

  • Punish us for failure via a “Fail Pie”. And we’ve activated the FAIL PIE! When a donation is made in honor of the FAIL PIE (currently a $4 donation will suffice) the pie comes out. If the current player loses a life during the level the pie is issued he will receive said pie to the face. If that player finishes his level the pie is passed to a player of their choice.
  • Keep a frustrated gamer playing through a tough level
  • Voting for the next game played
  • Earning yourself a shout out or hilarious request (performance, singalong, etc)

Unfortunately, it seems as if the donations are slow going. The current ChipIn! total is $157, thanks to the eight people who contributed. Considering the worthiness of the cause they are supporting, surely we can do better than that. To donate to their worthy cause, check out their GC Marathon page.