Gameplay Video Offers An Extended Look at Payday 2


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While the upcoming Payday 2 may not inspire rabid reactions in the vein of whatever iteration of Modern Warfare you're enjoying, it's hard to deny the appeal of the game that lets players cooperatively take down valuable scores. With the first iteration whetting the appetites of many PC gamers, it's almost time for Overkill to deliver the second installment of the Payday franchise, and this one looks like it's a more polished sequel for a title that shows a great deal of promise.

To prepare the masses, the marketing push has already begun, with gameplay previews and informative videos popping up at E3 and around the Internet. Now, courtesy of Gamespot's YouTube page, we have a 20-plus minute playthrough video that showcases some new features in the sequel, including using stealth instead of the "guns blazing" approach. That said, it looks like the stealth approach is full of trial, error, iffy enemy AI, and frustration.

Maybe the straightforward approach is not only a little easier, but it may be the better tactic, at least if the stealth mechanics don't improve between now and the release date. Other things to watch for: fencing the stolen merchandise after a successful heist is completed (about 8:00 minutes in), which subsequently goes wrong when the crew gets ambushed, which showcases the betrayal feature Overkill is including in the Payday sequel. Oh, and Bokeem Woodbine makes an appearance as well.

Combine the new features, especially getting rid of the loot after it's stolen, with the refined leveling up process and it certainly appears as if Payday 2 could enjoy a very successful run with PC gamers when it hits the shelves on August 13.