Galaxy Note II to Launch on Verizon, Every Other Major U.S. Carrier


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It appears that Samsung is on a roll that can't be stopped. BriefMobile this weekend reported that an anonymous "reputable source" told them Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note II will be sold through Verizon. That means the Galaxy Note II will be the second Samsung phone to be released across all major U.S. carriers this year, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular.

Earlier this year, Samsung was able to release its current flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III, on all the major U.S. carriers. Having this type of broad reach no doubt helped that smartphone sell more than 20 million units since the end of May.

Even so, the Galaxy S III launch was still a confusing mess, with the different carriers offering different release dates, color options, and memory sizes. Sadly, this is common for smartphones in the U.S. Though HTC's One X might have had the features and hardware to compete with Samsung's hit, it was only released through AT&T (where it received a hardware downgrade from the European version) and Sprint (where it was heavily rebranded as an EVO product).

BriefMobile's source claims that Verizon's version of the Galaxy Note 2 will have a quad-core processor and LTE capabilities. It will also, of course, have Verizon branding on the phone itself - even on the home button. The report claims that an announcement is imminent, but that each carrier will have their own release date, meaning the Galaxy Note 2's launch will likely be as messy as the Galaxy S III's was.