Galaxy Nexus Rumor: Landing At Best Buy December 11th

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Unfortunately for everyone eager to get their hands on the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we've heard of no official release date. And until we do, rumors will have to suffice.

According to a Best Buy source quoted by Engadget (with accompanying screenshot), they will have the device in inventory by December 11th. Of course, this isn't a release date - simply a date for when the phone will arrive at their stores. It's possible that the Galaxy Nexus could go on sale that day, and it's also possible that it could go on sale days or weeks later.

But it is a sign that December is going to be the month for the release. Leaked documents surfaced earlier this month that indicated a December 8th launch for the device in the U.S. Other sources said earlier this week that December 8th would be the day - but that source also pegged November 29th as the kickoff for pre-sales. Obviously, this prediction was incorrect.

While the specific date is unconfirmed, Samsung did confirm that the U.S. release would occur in December.

Even if Best Buy does have to wait until the 11th to get the phone, that doesn't necessarily mean that Verizon stores couldn't have it by the 8th, like rumored. When pushed for further comment, a Samsung rep told CNET that the Galaxy Nexus launch date "is not public information at this time." She once again confirmed that it will show up in the U.S. before the year is over.

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