Furby Boom is Hot Holiday Toy for 2013


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The Furby Boom is Hasbro's 2013 edition of a toy that has become a modern classic.

Hasbro is pushing the app component of the Furby Boom this holiday season. The app is available for iOS devices through iTunes and for Android devices through Google Play.

New app features offer the ability to name your Furby and to monitor its vital stats. Among the new ways to play with Furbies touted on the Hasbro website:

"Collect, hatch, and raise Furblings!"

"Fill your Furblings city and get the golden egg!"

The Furby Boom looks a little different from previous versions of the toy. It's available in six new color schemes, its ears feature cut outs, and its feet are plastic versus cloth.

It also has five new personalities, which change as the Furby is played with.

The Furby Boom has made top toy lists at retailers like Amazon and Target and is being featured in Black Friday sales across the nation.

It will be available for $29 in Walmart's Black Friday sale and is one of only 21 "Doorbuster" deals covered by the retail giant's 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee.

On its social media channels, Hasbro is putting out images of the Furby with pop culture references:

The Furby was launched in 1998, causing "near riots" during the holiday season that year. New models were released in 2005 and 2012.

Image via Facebook