"Frankenfish": Record Set By Virginia Man

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27-year old Caleb Newton now holds the title for largest northern snakehead catch after the International Game Fish Association declared his June 1st find to be legit.

Newton caught the 17-pound, 6 ounce, 3-foot long fish on the Potomac River using a 20-pound line, which also earned him recognition. It's the biggest catch made of that type of fish since 2004, when a fisherman reeled in a 17-pound, 4 ounce fish.

“His record has been approved and we’ll be sending the certificate later this week, or early next week,” said Jack Vitek, world-record coordinator for the IGFA.

Newton said he battled with the fish, which has a mouthful of razor-like teeth, for a full minute before he was able to get it in the boat.

"My friend scooped it in with the net on the first try,” he said. “We were lucky. They’re creepy critters, but the danger is all in how close you put your hands to it."

The creature, dubbed "Frankenfish", isn't the prettiest sight to behold and can survive in very shallow water. It can also breathe air and can survive on land for up to four days while searching out a new place to call home. As fish go, it's at the top of the food chain and has no known predators.

Amanda Crum
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