Foursquare Now Pushes Recommendations to All Users with 7.0 Update

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With the new 7.0 update, Foursquare is pushing recommendations to all iOS and Android users - even when they don't have the app open. Now, when you arrive at a location (be that a specific city or state, or a specific venue), Foursquare will let you know what to eat, buy, see, and more.

These real-time recommendations aren't new - in fact, Foursquare has been testing them out for months. But this is the first time they're bringing the feature to all users.

“The idea behind Foursquare has always been that, someday, hundreds of millions of people will carry software in their pocket that lets them know when friends are nearby, when places they’ll love are around the corner, and whether nearby merchants can help them save money. This is the future we’re spending our days building,” said Foursquare when they first began to push these types of notifications to users.

And with version 7.0, Foursquare has made good on this vision. Though the new app doesn't make use of all the possible push notification scenarios that one could imagine, it makes use of the most popular and well-received type - the "once you arrive at a location" suggestion. It's passive recommending, something that Foursquare has been talking about and experimenting with for years.

With 7.0, Foursquare has also offered up a significant design change, as well as tweaks to help you better explore what's around.

"Foursquare has been completely redesigned for iOS 7 and there’s a lot to see. It’s smarter, faster, and has a whole new look," says a post on the Foursquare blog. "We shuffle the deck every time you open the app so you don’t miss a thing. Just swipe to explore great tips, find money-saving specials near you, and check out the feed to see what your friends are up to tonight."

A couple of months ago, Foursquare touted that they now have well-over 40 million total users. Earlier this year, the company expanded their ad offerings by showing sponsored tips after check-ins and opening up self-service advertising to any and small businesses.

You can download the new app on both iOS and Android today.

Image via Foursquare Blog

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