Foursquare Now Lets You Search by Specific Foods in Your Area

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Foursquare has just made another small step in their push to challenge Yelp, Google Places, and other local search and discovery apps. Starting today, Foursquare users can now search for specific food items and the app will pull up the various locations in the area where they can be found.

"Just type what you’re looking for into Foursquare and we’ll show you all the restaurants nearby that serve that dish, with info straight from their menus (and our 32 million tips). It’s this sort of data that powers our new magical proactive recommendations, and which only Foursquare can do," says Foursquare.

Not only can you search specific food items like "brisket" or "bulgogi," but you can also search basic dietary restrictions like "gluten free."

Foursquare's new food search springs out of a recent partnership with Locu, and web menu platform. This allowed Foursquare to expand its database of menus - one that now contains over 43 million food items (according to the company).

It may not seem like a huge update, but it's a really interesting way for Foursquare to leverage its data. Sometimes, you just have a hankering for a specific food, and Foursquare is now offering a quick way for you to find every restaurant in the vicinity that features that specific dish.

This new feature doesn't require an app update, as long as you have the most-recent version that launched on August 26th for Android and August 27th for iOS.

Last week, Foursquare announced that they had hit 40 million users - as well as 40,000 "superusers" who help better the location database with their editing privileges.

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