Former Cylon Tricia Helfer Talks 'Killer Women'


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Former Cylon model "Number 6" Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica fame recently opened up about her new role as Texas Ranger Molly Parker on ABC's new drama Killer Women, which premieres on Tuesday.

Former human supermodel Helfer, 39, who grew up on a grain farm outside of Donalda, east of Ponoka, near Alberta, Canada, tells the Edmonton Journal, “There is a lot of action,” regarding Killer Women, adding, “I grew up a tomboy and I love doing all that stuff. It’s 95 percent me. All the driving stuff - I love doing it. We just had a motorcycle chase in the finale episode and that’s not all me because insurance wasn’t going to allow me to do it.”

Killer Women is loosely based on the Argentine true-crime series Mujeres Asesinas, and is produced by Modern Family's Sophia Vergara. It combines a typical police procedural, modern-western elements and family drama. The series also delves into the psychological makeup of ladykillers. Or, killers who are ladies.

Helfer comments on her Killer Woman protagonist Parker, “Quite often, when strong female characters are written, especially if they are in law enforcement, they tend to be very one- or two-dimensional. But Molly isn’t. She definitely has a fun and quirky side. She is dealing with vulnerability, going through a divorce with an abusive ex-husband and is hiding some shame. It was a very well-rounded character that drew me from the first script.”

The new series which is presently filmed in Albuquerque has a lot of action, and Helfer does her own stunts, sometimes to her detriment - she underwent back surgery to correct injuries received on the Battlestar set years ago.

“We’ve been building a barbed wire fence. We’ve been enclosing a section the last couple of years. We’ve built a lean-to, a hay shed, a pumphouse and tons of stuff. So we all descend on the farm and help. I have 30 acres there that my husband and I will eventually be building a vacation house on. So we often put up a camper and motorhome and park it on the ridge. That’s where we spent our ninth anniversary last year, parked up on our land. Alberta is still very close to my heart.”

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