Flu Shots Are Now Available, But Why Aren't Americans Interested?


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Yesterday marked the first official day of the Fall season. What you may not know is that something else significant began this week: Flu shots.

That’s right, it’s the time of year when you roll up your sleeve and get that crucial shot meant to immunize you from nasty influenza.

Despite the fact that flu shots are readily available at the doctor’s office, various pharmacies, and even supermarkets, a startling number of Americans simply elect not to get vaccinated.

In fact, the Center for Disease Control states that fewer than half of all Americans received a flu shot last year.

With so many US citizens out of their mind with worry over the ongoing Ebola epidemic, you’d think more people would be concerned about a threat much closer to home.

Every year 30,000 individuals across the country die as a result of the flu or complications from the illness.

It is remarkable how many Americans are passing on getting a flu shot even though they are more readily available than ever.

It’s even possible to get vaccinated WITHOUT getting an actual shot. There are nasal sprays for persons age two to forty-nine and a “needle free” shot option that forces the vaccine through the skin.

With so many choices available, it can be frustrating to medical professionals to observe adults passing on protecting themselves from the flu. The only thing worse is that many also elect to pass on immunization for their child.

Pediatrician Paul Offit considers the flu shot vital for children.

Said Offit, "Ebola and EVD-68 have collectively caused zero deaths, but flu causes thousands of deaths every year."

It seems bizarre to think that parents would be more concerned about an extremely rare respiratory virus that boasts no fatalities than a proven viral killer.

Unfortunately, this is the level of indifference that medical professionals are dealing with.

What many Americans take for granted is that the flu is a virus that is constantly evolving and mutating. It isn’t harmless or safe.

The “devil you know” approach that many take to the flu is a yearly gamble with their health and even their life.

What’s most unfortunate is with nearly 150,000,000 flu shots available this year, practically every vulnerable individual who needs a shot will have one available.

Don’t put it off; get your flu shot today so you can be prepared for the flu tomorrow!