Florida Kid Sent a Bomb Threat to His School via Facebook Message

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Florida man kid strikes again!

The first rule of anonymous bomb threats is that they are anonymous. Interestingly enough, that's also the first word in "anonymous bomb threats."

Most Americans who have gone through the public schools system are quite familiar with the school bomb threat. We've all had to evacuate the building, line up outside at a rather unsafe distance (depending on the size of the possible bomb), and watch the fire department sweep the building. Most of the time, school officials never really figure out who called it in. It's most always just a prank. Stupid kids, right?

Well, for one Winter Haven, Florida school, the search was quick and easy.

From WTSP:

A 14-year-old middle school student on leave was arrested Monday for sending a bomb threat in a Facebook message to his school.

Winter Haven Police say the Denison Middle School student sent the private message via mobile device saying, "I'm gonna bomb this school," to the school's official Facebook page on Jan. 24 and it was picked up by school administrators.

Cool, bro. Direct and to the point.

Apparently the kid also chased a classmate around with a kitchen knife and told him he'd be coming back for him the next day. Our little troublemaker was taken to juvie and charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon and threatening to discharge a destructive device.

"Any inappropriate posts or comments will be deleted and the user will be banned. If unsure about a comment, it is probably best not to post it," says a disclaimer on Denison's Facebook page. In order to clarify, I guess the school should have also discussed bomb threat direct messages. I know, but you gotta spell everything out these days.

Our future is bright, you guys.

Image via Denison Middle School, Facebook

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