Florida Exorcism Goes Awry Between Man and 80-Year Old Girlfriend

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A Florida man who had a little too much to drink and then tried to exorcise the demons from his 80-year old girlfriend was arrested on Tuesday after the woman managed to call police.

On Monday, 54-year old David Edward Benes allegedly held down the woman to keep her from leaving after the couple had a fight, took the battery from her cell phone, hid her car keys and dismantled the garage door mechanism to keep it from opening so she couldn't escape. The "exorcism" went on for hours, into the next day. At some point, Benes imbibed even more and his girlfriend was able to somehow call police, who found her sitting on the porch, crying and covered in bruises and scratches. Benes, meanwhile, said he was too drunk to remember what happened but said his girlfriend had started the fight because she was "crazy".

Benes was arrested on charges of battery and false imprisonment and is still in lockup. He has two prior convictions for battery on his record and is being detained without bail.

Amanda Crum
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