"First Impressions" Fan Film Proves Making A Quality Wonder Woman Is Possible


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While we are indeed in what appears to be the golden age of converting well-loved comic books into movies and television shows, there's one iconic character who has happened to miss out on the fun. Yes, there have been rumblings about the CW making a Wonder Woman show for next fall, the fact is, it shouldn't be this hard. The battleground is littered with failed attempts, most notably, the Adrianne Palicki-driven vehicle that never made it passed the pilot stage. Although the casting choice was a correct one, footage from David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman shows something, well, off.

Perhaps choosing Kelly to make Wonder Woman was the wrong choice, something that looks quite possible after taking a quick look at his IMDb page. Aside from possibly Lake Placid, Kelly doesn't have a great deal of experience dealing with geek content. Nevertheless, Kelly's failure, and the failure to produce a quality Wonder Woman program, is magnified by the fact a fan film has surpassed pretty much everything done for the Wonder Woman character. Outside of the comic book, at least:

As pointed out by Topless Robot, fans should just making these in hope of shaming DC and Warner Brothers into making something comparable. Or they could just hire the creative team who made this. As the credits indicate, the First Impressions fan film is presented by Intelligent Artists and was directed by Leo Kei Angelos.

At this point, I can't help but wonder if the CW's version will be inferior to what we just watched. Granted, it may not be surprising if their version of Wonder Woman is too tween friendly, but it will certainly add to the disappointment.