First Galaxy S5 Rumor Appears: 16MP Camera


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It's a given that Samsung will release the Galaxy S5 (or Galaxy S V, however they want to brand it) within the next year. The company's Galaxy S III smartphone rocketed Samsung to being a real Apple competitor in the high-end smartphone space. The Galaxy S4 has kept up that momentum, which is edging out other high-end Android smartphone manufacturers, such as the floundering HTC. Next year's presumed Galaxy S5 will carry on this legacy while Samsung positions its low- and mid-priced offerings in markets (China, Brazil, India) that are actually expected to see large growth in the coming years.

Korean publication Electronic Times News today kicked off the Galaxy S5 rumor mill with a report on the device's camera. The S5 will reportedly feature a 16 Megapixel camera when it launches. The image sensors for the camera are rumored to be manufactured by Sony. The S5 camera is also rumored to come with Optical Image Stabilization, which the report states was delayed from inclusion in Samsung's Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung already offers a 16 megapixel camera smartphone, the Galaxy S4 Zoom. That device, however, has the camera as a focus of the device, with a larger lens and accompanying shape. Nokia last month also announced a camera-centric smartphone - the Lumia 1020. That device carries a large 41MP camera and comes with a suite of photography apps and features. Unlike these devices, the Galaxy S5's rumored camera would, presumably, fit in a module designed to compliment the normal form-factor of Samsung's flagship Android smartphone brand.

(Image courtesy Samsung)

(Electronic Times News via BGR)