Firefox OS Expands To TVs, More Phones In 2014


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Last year, Mozilla became another combatant in the smartphone wars when it released its Firefox OS mobile operating system. The OS entered into a market dominated by iOS and Android, but sought to capitalize on the emerging markets that both of its larger rivals have left alone in favor of mature markets. It seems last year's launch must have been successful as Mozilla is already gearing up to put Firefox OS on even more devices in 2014.

At CES, Mozilla announced a number of new partnerships that will see Firefox OS' reach expand beyond the smartphone. In perhaps the most surprising move, the non-profit says that it has partnered with Panasonic to promote Firefox OS on Panasonic TVs. In other words, you'll soon see Firefox OS and all its HTML5 goodness pop up in Panasonic's range of smart TVs.

Through Panasonic’s partnership with Mozilla, we will create further innovation in smart TV technologies and features, which will take consumers to a whole new level of interaction and connectivity inside and outside of the home,” said Mr. Yuki Kusumi, Director of the TV Business Division of the AVC Networks Company of Panasonic.

The smart TV is certainly a big step for Mozilla, but it's still mostly focused on the mobile scene. One of its first hardware partners - ZTE - announced that it would be stepping up its commitment to the platform after the ZTE Open performed well beyond expectations. ZTE's increased commitment will come in the form of two new phones that will give Firefox OS fans a more powerful smartphone experience in the form of the ZTE Open C and the Open II.

Moving onto tablets, Mozilla has started what it calls the Firefox OS contribution program to help speed up the development of Firefox OS for tablets. Those who enlist in the program will gain access to a number of resources, including reference hardware from Foxconn that will help developers iron out the Firefox OS tablet software.

Finally, hardware manufacturer VIA has partnered with Mozilla to produce a functioning preview of Firefox OS for its APC Paper and Rock computers. Both computers are envisioned as cheap desktop computers that put Internet access above all else, and Firefox OS' focus on Web technologies seems like a perfect fit. You can find out more here.

Image via Mozilla