Find My iPhone Aids In Drug Bust

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I guess the moral of this story is if you're going to steal a smartphone - wait, just don't steal people's phones. Because if you do, karma might bite you in the ass.

Karma, in this case, comes in the form of Apple's Find My iPhone feature. The built-in app allows users to track their lost devices using the iCloud and GPS. If you find yourself missing your iPhone, you can log in to the iCloud from another device and pinpoint the exact location of the device. This, of course, assumes that you previously enabled the Find My iPhone feature.

UPI is reporting that Find My iPhone has led to a interesting drug bust in Marietta, Georgia.

After an iPhone was reported missing in the early morning hours on Tuesday, police used the Find My iPhone app to track the device to an apartment building. When they approached the door, one suspect tried to jump off a second-floor balcony. Unsuccessful, the police grabbed him and found the stolen iPhone on his body.

But what they also found was 1,100 grams of pot, five handguns (3 of them stolen), 42 tablets of oxycodone and an assault rifle.

Two suspects were subsequently hit with theft, weapons and narcotics charges.

You can add this to the growing list of idiot criminals that are foiled by technology. Want more? Check out idiot admits to brutal beating on Facebook, and after that, how about idiot taunts police on Facebook? If you want to go back even more, read about the rioting idiots that talked about vandalizing cop cars on social media or even drunk idiot who calls 911 because his iPhone "wont work."

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