Final Fantasy 13-2 Releases Final Batch Of DLC


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The final batch of DLC has finally been released by Square Enix for their fairly successful follow up to Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 13-2. The DLC is all about our favorite heroine Lightning, and her battle with Caius the immortal guardian of the timeline. The DLC is not just an arena battle like the last DLC featuring Lightning was, but has missions to do. Also released is a Snow based mission pack.

The big news here isn't really that there is DLC, it is what is in the trailer for the DLC. According to, the trailer says "Next Prologue - Lightning Chapter: Requiem of the Goddess", which seems to hint that this DLC is the prologue of the next game Final Fantasy XIII-3. If this turns out to be true, we could be seeing the new direction that Square Enix is heading in with it's Final Fantasy series. They might be able to combat the extreme length of time between Final Fantasy games with chaptered sequels built with the same engine.

Check out the launch trailer for the DLC below that features a battle between Lightning and Caius: