"Fifty Shades Of Grey" Casting Rumors

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"Fifty Shades Of Grey" has enjoyed massive, best-selling success since it was released last year, and there have been rumors of a movie practically since the day after it came out. Now, the movie has been confirmed, but no actors are officially attached to it yet and fans are losing their minds with anticipation.

Rumor after rumor about who will be tapped to play Anastasia and Christian have made rounds on the web in recent months, but because the film isn't slated for release until next August, everything is in the earliest stages. So far, Ian Somerhalder, Alex Pettyfer, Henry Cavill, Alexander Skarsgard, Jerry O'Connell, Emma Watson, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Alexis Bledel, and Selena Gomez have all been involved in the rumor mill. "The Social Network" star Armie Hammer was in there, as well, but shot down the rumor in Playboy.

“No one actually offered me the movie, but while I was working on Lone Ranger my agent brought it up, and I said ‘Nope.’ I mean, come on–it’s just mommy porn. I’m not going to sit on top of the laundry machine in spin cycle reading about putting a ball gag in someone’s mouth. That doesn’t do it for me," he said.

Now, the latest actors to be thrown into the mix are Dakota Johnson--who also appeared in "The Social Network"--and Charlie Hunnam of "Sons Of Anarchy" fame. While no offers have officially been made, the names are making social media rounds as fans of the book cast their votes.

Amanda Crum
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