'Fifty Shades of Grey' Book Cast


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It's the book that's had every female entertained, blushing or at the very least, talking about how ridiculously raunchy the pages were. Fifty Shades of Grey is the book that seemingly every woman was reading last summer. And now, the rumors of turning the delightfully-tacky tale into a movie has come true. But who was cast to play such intriguing characters that had people endlessly talking?

It seems that Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam were the lucky duo to be cast as the leading characters in the adaptation of the book. According to the director, EL James, there were other prospects in line for the lead roles.Johnson and Hunnam's roles were announced on Sep. 2 via Twitter.

Other male actors in line for the role of the 27-year-old billionaire, "Christian Grey" was heartthrob, Ryan Gosling and British TV star, Christian Cooke.

Hunnam, 33, was not completely eager to jump on the sexy role of Mr. Grey right away. Sources say Hunnam only agreed to take the role after meeting with producers. The actor also agreed to a scheduled chemistry read with co-actor Johnson. The deal closed on Labor Day with the actors signing on for a trilogy.

Apparently the actor search was kept slightly under wraps since the book has left many skeptical with it's sexy details. But that's not the only reason to believe this process was kept quiet...The fans of the book seem to have quite the opinion of whom should be cast as the leading roles.

According to Change.org, a petition to recast the lead roles went to Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel. The petition has been signed by 32,628 people so far.

What do you think? Will Johnson and Hunamm work as the leading duo or do the supporters of the Bomer and Bledel have a valid point?

Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/WireImage; Gregg DeGuire/WireImage