Fiat 500L Will Come With an Espresso Machine When it Debuts in Europe

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Fiat 500L will come packaged with a very unusual feature when it debuts in Europe later this year: an espresso machine. When the latest model of the automobile arrives during the fourth quarter of 2012, drivers will be able to brew a cup of powerful java by utilizing the contraption positioned between the two front seats. Say, aren't you supposed to drink espresso standing up? If you're a purist, chances are this is only going to make you shake your tiny fist in endless frustration. The rest of Fiat-driving population will be too buzzed to care.

Sadly, espresso junkies living in the United States may not get an opportunity to add yet another distraction to the numerous devices and gadgets currently vying for their undivided attention. A spokesperson for the company told Inside Magazine that they have not decided whether or not the feature will be present when the car makes its North American debut in 2013. Given that people around here can't seem to drive with both hands on the wheel, adding a machine that makes black coffee doesn't sound like the smartest idea on the planet.

Fiat apparently has the well-being of drivers at heart; the espresso machine will only function when the car is stopped. So if you were hoping to brew up a cup while speeding down the highway on your way to work, you'll have to pull over to the side of the road if you're that desperate for a caffeine fix. Although this safety precaution should ease the concerns of those who cannot understand why anyone would need such a machine in their car, its inclusion is still more than a little peculiar. I'm sure it's going to be a hot selling point for a lot of people.

In order to inform the world at-large about the Fiat 500L and its controversy-inducing espresso machine, the company has released a video with details about its features. You can check out the clip by directing your attention to the clip you see embedded below. Whatever you do, don't get too steamed about that espresso machine.