Feud Between Arsenio Hall & Eddie Murphy?


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On Wednesday night's episode of the Arsenio Hall Show, guest, co-star, and old friend, Eddie Murphy, appeared as Hall's guest. Hall and Murphy starred together in the 1988 comedy in which Murphy plays an African king who treks to New York to find his future wife. Hall plays the king's wing man in the film. This year will mark the the 25th anniversary of Coming to America.

The pair started off the conversation by "clearing the air," when Hall told the audience, "We stopped our bitter feud, just for tonight." Surprised Murphy asked, "What feud?" Arsenio went on to explain that rumors began last March that Murphy declined to appear on Hall's late night show. Murphy seemed unfazed by the news and told Hall, "..I don't read that s***."

However, fans of the classic movie won't be very happy - it seems that there definitely won't be a future sequel. Murphy said last night that after filming Coming to America, he had an encounter one night with an African man claiming to be the real prince. Murphy related that the man threatened to kill him if Murphy didn't give him 'his money,' and that the actor had 'stolen his life.' Apparently, there were many controversies and lawsuits over the film, according to Murphy - too many to make a sequel, anyway.

Arsenio and Eddie discussed other things, too, reminiscing about the time Hall forced sober Murphy to drink alcohol - something he never does - and Murphy ended the night talking to a dog.

Image courtesy The Arsenio Hall Show via YouTube.