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There are a lot of videos hitting the web on any given day, so we've been curating a daily round-up of some of the most interesting ones we've come across. In a similar spirit, there have also been a lot of interesting infographics coming out lately, so we thought, why not take a similar approach to these.

Here are some that are currently making the rounds.

This one about email viewing habits comes from litmus:

Email infographic

AOL Jobs points to this one based on Harris Interactive Poll data about watching video at work:

video at work  

This one from WorkSimple analyzes the "work from home" phenomenon:

work from home

This one looks at how people share things using Bump:

Bump info

This one from Marketo looks at how marketers are embracing the mobile web:

mobile web  

This is more a chart than an infographic, but still interesting (from Silicon Alley Insider):


Search Engine Journal posted this SEO Audit Checklist:

SEO Audit

And then there's the fear:

What do you fear?

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