Father & Son Found in Vietnam, Hiding Since 1973


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A father and his son hiding in the forest in Vietnam since 1973 have been found alive. Ho Van Thanh, a soldier during the Vietnam War, fled into the jungle with his infant son, Ho Van Lang, over forty years ago. Thanh, then 38, fled with his son into the forest during the night when a bomb killed his wife and two other sons in their home in the province of Quang Ngai.

Ho Van Tri, Thanh's son who had just been born when the bombing occurred and was rescued by another family member, found his father and brother twenty years ago, but could not convince his family members to come out of the forest. He has been taking them various cooking items and utensils for years, but they have never spoken to him. The times he would bring other family members with him to try and persuade them to come out, they would hide.

Apparently father and son have been making their own clothing and tools throughout their period of sequester; they have also grown their own crops such as sugarcane and tobacco and live in a tree house that they constructed out of sticks. They even managed to fabricate weapons well enough to hunt.

Thanh, now 82, had to be carried out of the forest on a stretcher-type of contraption made from a hammock, as he is in such poor health. Ho Van Lang, his now-41-year-old son, appears incredibly thin, obviously, smoking tobacco that he grew in the forest. There are no other details at this time on what the men will do now that they are back in society.