Father Uses Facebook To Sell His Son For $20 Million

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When a man loses everything, at least he still has family. One Saudi man decided to sell even that to make ends meet.

Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry put an ad on Facebook looking to sell his son for $20 million, according to “Al Sharq” newspaper.

The reason for the sudden sale of his child is because Al Shahry lost his business that dealt in collecting debts and settling disputes. The business was shut down by a court ruling that stated his business was not a legal firm.

Going to the labor office did not offer any help either. He claims that they refused him aid because he was over the age of 35, the age limit in which one can receive aid.

With all other routes exhausted, he decided to sell his son to offer “a decent life to his mother and sister rather than living in poverty,” the newspaper reported.

He has one condition for the sale though. He must know the city any potential buyer resides at.

The newspaper reports that he is willing to take the matter to court to complete any “sale procedures.”