Farrah Abraham Faking Couples Therapy Relationship?


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Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans don't try to hide the fact that they are enemies. Not only do the girls live two different lifestyles, but they have also been known to hash out their problems on social networks.

The latest feud between the two was made public on twitter. It started when Farrah made fun of Jenelle's pregnancy announcement and made a jab at Jenelle and her parenting skills. While it's no secret that Jenelle needs a few parenting classes and a lesson in responsibility, Farrah isn't one to be handing out parenting advice.

Farrah has went from teen mom to porn star and can't seem to stay away from the cameras. She recently filmed the reality show Couples Therapy where couples seek help for their problems before their relationships are irreparable.

Jenelle tweeted about Farrah's appearance on the show and didn't hold any punches when she said that it was all a hoax. According to Jenelle and several rumors, Farrah is not in a relationship with her alleged boyfriend, Brian Dawes and never was.

Rumors suggest that Farrah was desperate to be back on TV and even tried to persuade Dawes, who she barely knew, to go on the show with her. Dawes allegedly has another girlfriend, Victoria Stokes.

Jenelle may be onto something because Stokes herself admits that she and Dawes were dating during the filming of the show and that he explained the entire situation to her beforehand and was never dating Farrah.

According to stokes, Farrah got Dawes's cell phone from his agent and asked if he would be interested in playing her boyfriend on the show. Stokes said at first she was upset but Dawes assured her that the relationship was only for the show so she was okay with it. In the end, Dawes changed his mind and backed out, leaving Farrah to go on the show alone.

At one point, Farrah cried and claimed Dawes abandoned her, a story she has stuck with since the first episode of the show aired.

Do you think Farrah was faking her relationship with Dawes just to get some TV time?

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