Farmers Using Social Media To Be Ag Advocates

Social Media

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A group of agriculture advocates who launched AgChat on Twitter last year have now launched their own website the AgChat Foundation.

Farmers are leading a grassroots effort to develop the AgChat Foundation. The organization is designed to connect agriculture communities outside of Twitter.

The foundation's goal is to involve all areas of agriculture, including a variety of viewpoints such as conventional, organic, small and large operations.

The AgChat Foundation is focused on four areas of social media:

*Agvocacy 2.0 Training: Educate farmers through basic, mid-level & expert training to move mindsets up the technology ladder.

*Strategic Agvocacy Coordination: Empower agriculture's voice through coordinated industry-wide efforts.

*Data Analysis: Provides tools to assist agvocates with targeted community efforts.

*Technology Scholarships: Equip farmers with infrastructure to enable full use of social media.

"The talent and dedication the farmers and ranchers who helped bring the AgChat Foundation to fruition is absolutely inspiring," said Michele Payn-Knoper, #AgChat Founder.

"All of them have applied their technology skills and commitment to the betterment of agriculture in ways that set them apart, but we are all confident this is a common thread among farmers who raise our food, fuel, feed and fiber."

More than 2,000 people from seven countries have participated in #AgChat since it started in April 2009.