Family Of Man Who Kidnapped Teen Demands Test


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Tragedy has gone from bad to worse for the Anderson family. After suffering the high-profile double murder and kidnapping case that gripped the nation, the same family is now in the midst of a potential paternity investigation. It seems that this case has the knack of continually providing more questions than answers even in the breadth of insurmountable devastation for the remaining family members.

Andrew Spanswick, the spokesman for DiMaggio's family, explained that paternity tests are now being requested in order to shed light on the intensive, and otherwise irrational, interest James DiMaggio displayed during the Hannah Anderson kidnapping ordeal, which eventually led to the shootout and death of Mr. DiMaggio. Yes, that's right. The kidnapper's family members are the ones requesting the paternity test, specifically his sister, Lora.

Mr. Spanswick told KGTV-TV in San Diego, "We are requesting DNA samples from Hannah and anything they can get from Ethan. There are rumors that Jim was the children's real father. We think it's strange he left them so much money with no explanation." After the vibrant and beautiful young Hannah has triumphed through this period of heartache, family members of the man behind the ordeal want to obtain her DNA to fit their inquisitive demands.

The "so much money" Mr. Spanswick previously referred to concerns the $112,000 life insurance policy James DiMaggio left to Hannah's grandmother, Bernice Anderson, which raises even more questions. Why would someone designate such a policy to a survivor of the very family said individual tormented?

The young Ethan Anderson was found severely and traumatically burned while his and Hannah's mother was found after having enduring exceptional force to her head. The brutality of this crime is even more unsettling given the personal relationship between the perpetrator, James DiMaggio, and the Anderson family. The unfortunate advice about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer appears paramount in this situation though many questions about this depressing and puzzling situation still remain unanswered. The peace that at least one human life was spared is hardly enough of a concession for the tragic loss of life. If the paternity test proves positive, how could a man knowingly kill a young, innocent boy? Heck, how could a man unknowingly kill a young, innocent boy? If human life is so easily discarded by an intimate party, then what help do the rest of us have against mere strangers?

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