Fallout-Themed Proposal Leaves Vault Girl Speechless


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It's always great to see nerds in love. It's not surprising that those passionate about the geeky things they love would be similarly passionate about the people they love. When it comes to marriage proposals, leave it up to the nerds to combine all of their passions.

YouTube user satisyingsigh (Trevor in real life) decided that PAX Prime in Seattle this past weekend was the perfect time to pop the question. Since the couple were doing a little Fallout cosplay at the event, he decided to make his proposal Fallout themed. From Trevor's video description:

We had been saving up bottle caps since November 2011 with the intention of using them at PAX Prime 2012 to attempt and purchase something from the Bethesda booth (the creators of Fallout 3). It was originally going to be a sort of "gag" to try and score some interesting swag from Bethesda, and in Alisha's mind, it stayed that way.

So we get to to the booth, hand a lady our caps, and she pulls out a locked ammo case. The walkway was getting crowded, so we walked over to a nearby table to try and pick the lock. Alisha had a key in her pocket that I had slipped in there earlier, but my plan to get her to discover it failed, so i pretended to have picked the lock (because I had a spare key). Alisha pulls a wadded up piece of brown paper out of the shells and gunpowder that were in the ammo box. She unravels it to find a ring box. Yay! Until i stupidly drop it and execute a quick recovery.

That, my friends, is a man who has taken the Lady Killer perk.

(via Bethesda Blog)