Faith Evans To Release Notorious BIG Duet Album

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Faith Evans is in the process of making a Natalie Cole-style posthumous duet album with her deceased husband, Notorious BIG.

The R&B artist said of the new album, “It’s gonna be really, really dope. It’s something I've been thinking about doing for many, many years … [and] I finally got all my ducks in a row to try and make it happen.”

As far as the music on the album goes, Faith Evans says it will be comprised of songs that have never been heard before. Sort of.

“It’s definitely unheard music,” she said. “Unheard music in the presentation of it, that’s what I will say.”

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This isn't the first posthumous album to be released featuring Notorious BIG. However, it has been a while. His last one was released in December of 2005. In Duets: The Last Chapter, Notorious BIG sings with Faith Evans, as well as other artists like Missy Elliott, Eminem, Jay Z, and even Korn.

Faith Evans intends the new album to be a touching tribute to her late husband, calling it The King and I. Evans and Notorious BIG, his real name being Christopher Wallace, were married in August of 1994. Only a few short years later, Biggie, as he was sometimes called, was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting after a party in Los Angeles.

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The death of Notorious BIG, making a widow of Faith Evans, became subject to legend and rumor. However, the murder has never been solved.

After his death, Faith Evans went on to find some success in Hip Hop and R&B, earning seven solo singles on the US top 40, and another five hits in duets with artists like Diddy, Whitney Houston, and Twista.

Congratulations to Faith Evans on her new duet album and sweet tribute to her late husband. Will you buy it?

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