Facebook Urges Congress To Work On Fan Engagement

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Let's face it; not everyone in Congress is adept at operating their social media accounts. Although some House and Senate members have jumped on the bandwagon and found that sites like Facebook are just another way to interact with their constituents, many continue to leave their Facebook pages bare and univiting (my Congresspeople are rather guilty of this).

Facebook is doing their part to spark engagement between members of the U.S. Congress and their "fans" with a new Summer Checklist that features a dozen or so simple ways that they can connect.

Their suggestions prove that maintaining a solid page is all about variety. Political posts aren;t the only thing that constituents want to see from their representatives. Throwing in some useful information in the form of warm weather tips, or some personality in the form of 4th of July memories can increase "likes," which in turn will increase reach across the platform.

Facebook's Washington DC page just posted this checklist:

Facebook Washington DC

Congressional offices: Take a look at our checklist for creative ways to engage with your constituents via Facebook this summer!

Facebook Summer Tips for Congress
A checklist for members of Congress to make the most out of their Facebook Page this summer.

Cynics might say that no amount of Facebook interaction will promote authenticity and transparency from members of Congress, but for the couple hundreds folks that represent us on the national stage, it can't hurt to show they're still thinking about the little people.

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