Facebook Updates App Insights To Be Cleaner, More Reliable


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For the past few years, Facebook app developers have relied on App Insights to learn how consumers use their app. While it's certainly already a good tool, Facebook thinks it can improve it to make it even better for developers.

Facebook announced this afternoon that it will be rolling out App Insights 2.0 in beta form today. The newly updated toolset allows developers to gather even more information on how their app is being used alongside a lot of other useful information, including traffic sources.

To start us off, Facebook says that it has completely redesigned the interface to be easier to navigate. Furthermore, the new interface has been "designed around how your apps integrate with Facebook as opposed to how users interact with Facebook." What all this means is that Facebook will now show you metrics like New Logins, Stories and Referrals on the front page.

Check it out:

Facebook Updates App Insights To Be More Readable, Reliable

Facebook has also re-organized metric data so developers can easily compare data across their own apps as well as others. For your own data, all of it has been consolidated into a single graph that tells you how much traffic comes from Facebook, Open Graph stories or Requests. You can also compare your own metrics with anonymized metrics from other apps to see if a spike in your data is being seen in other apps.

Finally, Facebook says that it has worked hard to make the new App Insights more reliable than ever. Thanks to a comprehensive audit of its data sources, Facebook is now confident that you're getting accurate numbers not only from desktop visitors, but from mobile devices as well. It will also display warnings when it detects that there may be something wrong with the data.

App Insights 2.0 is now available to developers, but Facebook stresses that it's still in beta. Developers who aren't ready to make the switch just yet will be happy to know that Facebook will continue to support App Insights 1.0 as the default option for the foreseeable future. If you're not afraid of the future, you can try out App Insights 2.0 right now by going to your App Insights overview and clicking "try the new App Insights."

Image via Facebook Developers Blog