Facebook Reminds Us That Slingshot Exists

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Facebook launched Slingshot about a month ago. Since then, it's pretty much been tumbleweeds. It did go global a week later, but there has been very little coverage or talk about Slingshot in the media or tech blogosphere since launch.

In fact, I just Googled it, and the top news results are still fro the day it launched. It was often referred to as Faceboook's "Snapchat competitor". Something tells me Snapchat isn't too worried about the threat posed by Slingshot.

It didn't take long for people to dismiss the app. Frankly it's hard to wrap your head around its concept. You "sling" images to people, but they can't see your image unless they send you one back. Why would anyone want to use an app like this? Your guess is as good as mine. That's probably why a month later, hardly anyone has talked about it since launch.

Either way, Facebook is here to remind us that it still exists, updating the Slingshot blog with its third post (after the launch post, and the "going international" post). The news? Well, there is none, but you can draw in a rainbow pattern!

"If you love color as much as we do, this is a Slingshot pro-tip you’ll love: the rainbow drag & draw!" it says before giving you step by step instructions to recreate something to the above effect."

So yeah. Slingshot is still a thing. I wonder what Jelly's up to.

In related news, Facebook Creative Labs, the folks behind Slingshot, have released a new app for public figures called Mentions. It seems to actually have a reasonable purpose for existing. The team did also release Facebook's Paper app. Anyone using that one?

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