Facebook Pushes Suggested Guests Upon RSVPing

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Facebook is taking a step to better promote events and to help users make events more successful.

Some users have seen Facebook make an automatic suggestion for users to invite more friends to events, as soon as they RSVP to said event.

Upon RSVPing, a box will pop up telling users that "events are more fun with your friends. Invite people you know to come along." Below that message, Facebook will suggest three guests based on the users' friends. Clicking on the "invite" button will invite them immediately.

Users can also click "see more suggestions" to bring up three new friends to possibly invite.

This is currently just a test feature, as not all users are seeing to box when RSVPing.

This looks like Facebook has taken their "Suggested Guests" feature, first seen nearly a year ago, one step further. The Suggested Guests feature appears at the top right-hand corner of event pages and suggests friends to invite to the event. The Suggested Guests box will show up to anyone and everyone, as long as the event is open.

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