Facebook Planning To Fix Painfully Slow iPhone App

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It has been said that Twitter and the iPhone are kind of like peanut butter and chocolate: two awesome things that weren't made to go together, but compliment each other so perfectly that you'd almost think they had been. A good Twitter client - and there are lots out there - amplifies this effect. The same should be true of Facebook. Unfortunately, though, Facebook's iPhone app has often failed to be as awesome as it should be, sometimes making the Facebook experience on the iPhone slow and frustrating. At times, Facebook users have been driven back to the mobile web version of Facebook, simply because it works better.

If you've used the Facebook app, you know what a hassle it can be sometimes. Random connection errors, painful slowness, failure to show likes or comments or new posts quickly. They all add up to a situation where the worst enemy of Facebook's success on the iPhone is Facebook's own app.

Fortunately, that may be about to change. According to a blog post by the New York Times's Nick Bilton, Facebook is making plans to launch a new "blazing fast" iOS app. Citing "two Facebook engineers," the Times claims that the current Objective-C/HTML5 hybrid app has been rewritten entirely in Objective-C (the programming language used to code iOS apps). Bilton claims to have gotten his hands on the new iPhone app, and reports that although it looks exactly the same, it's gotten a major boost in speed thanks to the rewrite.

It's not clear when the new app will hit the App Store. Bilton's sources said it would be rolling out "this summer." Considering how much time I spend staring at that "Loading" spinner, here's hoping it's sooner rather than later.