Facebook Monthly Fee Hoax Resurfaces, Is Still Incredibly Stupid

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"Facebook is a free site and will never require that you pay to continue using the site."

You may not trust Facebook all of the time, but you should trust them on this. Facebook's business model does not and will not include charging a subscription fee to use the service. It's not going to happen.

Every few months, a hoax as old as time itself pops up and makes the rounds, however. The hoax always says that Facebook is preparing to start charging users to continue to use the service, and the only way to stop the wheels from turning is to post a status update or share some bullshit image. Oftentimes these types of hoaxes are part of something sinister – a malware or phishing scam.

That's not the case this time. The newest Facebook Fee hoax can be sourced to an "article" on the "satirical" site National Report. The article stated that starting November 1st, Facebook would begin charging $2.99 per month to use the service. It told people to post a status claiming "I AM POOR FACEBOOK PLEASE WAIVE MY MONTHLY FEE" if they wanted to keep using the site for free.


People obliged.

That's one of a lot.

Facebook is never going to charge a fee. There's no such thing as Facebook Gold. Facebook isn't shutting down because it's overpopulated. There's no such thing as a Facebook drug task force.

Please stop sharing dumb articles.

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