Facebook IPO Won't Change The Company

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Did you hear? Facebook is popular. So popular in fact that they may be going public to the tune of $100 billion dollars. That’s not the exciting news though.

Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde recently interviewed Dan Rose, VP of Partnerships for Facebook. Out of the interview came the tidbit that over 5 billion songs have been shared on Facebook since last year’s f8 conference according to The Next Web.

OK, I lied. The IPO is the exciting news. During the interview, Werde asked Rose an interesting question:

“Does the [new group of potential millionaires] distract from the work being done in the company?”

It’s a fair question and a good one to boot. The prospect of going public and those in the Zuckerberg empire becoming filthy rich definitely poses the risk that they may become lazy with the work they are doing. We’ve seen it happen before and it will surely happen again. Will it happen to Facebook though?

Rose batted away any perception that Facebook’s focus would change once they all start swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. Having Zuckerberg as the CEO of the company has helped the company maintain their focus according to Rose.

“Mark is still a very young guy and he’s going to run the company for a long time. He is really, truly one of the most mission-driven people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Rose may work for Facebook, but he seems to have a sincere faith in the company. If the company maintains its focus, it very well could become one of the largest companies on earth after going public.

What do you think? Will Facebook lose sight of its mission after going public? Or will it remain the top contender for years to come? Let us know in the comments.