Facebook-inspired Like/Dislike Stamps

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Facebook may still dislike the idea of you disliking things, but let that halt the expression of your antipathy towards everything no longer. Behold, at last - a Dislike button!

Well. Sorta.

ThinkGeek now has a pair of self-inking stamps you can purchase in order to profess your Like or Dislike of anything you come across - so long as it's in the material world. The two stamps aren't exactly identical to the Facebook icons you click on to Like something (what, you wouldn't wanna get sued by Facebook either, would you?) but they're close enough that you're guaranteed to feel drunk on the demigod-like power flowing through you as you righteously declare your delight or dismay on anything that will suffer the stamps' ink. As a bonus, you not only get to imprint the syntax of your Like/Dislike onto something but you will simultaneously express it visually with the thumbs up or thumbs down icon that accompanies each respective stamp.

Or better yet, buy the stamps for that friend of yours that Likes the Official Dislike Button page on Facebook. Using these stamps won't make anybody's disapproval of something Facebook-official, but it could certainly be a salve to soothe that unrequited urge to vocalize your dislike of somebody's status update about getting locked out of their house (or whatever ills befall your friends) on Facebook. Even better: check out the the user-submitted photos on ThinkGeek that clearly demonstrate, yes, you can even Dislike people now. Keep up with that, Facebook.

Since Obama's been pretty hip about incorporating new technology and social media into his administration, I imagine it's only a matter of time before the Dislike stamp supplants that cruddy old pen he uses to veto bills.