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Ah, the art of a good roast. There's nothing like saying things to your friends that would otherwise ruin said friendship, if not protected by the confines of "good fun." Unfortunately, the only real exposure we have to roasts are the Comedy Central roasts we get every few months. Don't get me wrong, they are sometimes enjoyable; but who really thinks Flavor Flav or Larry the Cable Guy deserves their own roast?

Well, CollegeHumor has roasted a real heavyweight of the industry. The perfect candidate for a roastee - famous, powerful, envied. That's right, CollegeHumor gives us the roast of Facebook.

Although it's poor MySpace who takes the real beating.

The roast features the vocal talents of Penn Jillette as Google, Gilbert Gottfried as Twitter and "The Queen of Mean" Lisa Lampanelli as Foursquare. They hit Facebook on issues on privacy, the "like button" and Mark Zuckerberg's questionable charisma. Interestingly enough, it's Google (Penn Jillette beard and all) that rips Facebook for privacy issues. Just the opposite was happening in Facebook's recently unearthed smear campaign against the search giant.

I personally find Twitter's rail against MySpace to be the best of a pretty funny video, with its joke about a particular "space" between two body parts.

I'd say more, but it's best to just let you watch the thing. Be on the lookout for appearances by some less popular social networks in supporting roles.

Josh Wolford
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