Facebook Finally Lets You Find Status Updates and Other Posts in Graph Search

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Facebook is finally, as promised, expanding the scope of what you can find via Graph Search to include status updates and other types of posts.

"Starting today, Graph Search will include posts and status updates. Now you will be able to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments to find things shared with you," says Facebook in a news room post.

This means that you will be able to search for "posts about ______" or "Mike Smith's post about Breaking Bad," and stuff like that. You'll also be able to search your own posts and photo comments history, for instance "posts on my birthday last year."

Before, Graph Search was mostly limited to searching things people "liked," and other basic profile information including location, work info, and more. Facebook always said that post search would eventually be supported - and now they're making good on the promise...kind of.

Like many of Facebook's updates involving Graph Search, post search will be rolling out slowly to a small group of users. Facebook's been pretty slow with the rollouts lately - I mean, most of us still don't have the new news feed. So there's really no telling when you'll be able to search statuses in Graph Search. Most likely, you'll be met with this message for a little while:

As always, Facebook promises that nothing will surface in Graph Search unless you've shared it with the person who's doing the search.

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